The Directors and Management of InverTay Homes wish to draw your attention to the following statement.

This statement is issued on Thursday 17th October 2019:

Over the past year, InverTay Homes have been subject to an ongoing abuse campaign by someone aimed at destroying our reputation and creating doubt and confusion with all our customers. This sustained attack started out as online abuse and nasty comments about the quality of our work and service and progressed to direct attacks on the character of our Directors and unhinged letters sent through the post to our offices and home addresses. This has included the person in question sending allegations via fake accounts and email addresses to cause our homeowners and future clients alarm or distress.

In the past week this situation has escalated with the person in question deciding to write malicious letters to local authorities, central government, and several other individuals. Today we believe this person to have now contacted the media to once again cause as much damage to our reputation as possible, with the intent of unnerving our future customers and agitating our current customers. Last week, InverTay Homes called in the police who spent a considerable amount of time at our offices going through all the information to date. I am pleased to confirm that Police Scotland have agreed there is foundation for this crime to be investigated and shall give the time and resources required to bring this shameful person to justice. Although we have done our best to act professionally and continue to offer high quality buildings, homes and services to our customers this behaviour has had an impact on our business and personal life. It is completely unfounded defamation and we apologise to any customers that have been impacted by such a deceitful campaign by one person to destroy us.

Our mission statement to bring homes that are affordable, sustainable, and efficient to each and every one of our customers still rings true and every day we push our fantastic team to do better for the benefit of our homeowners.

For the record:
 Allegations made by this person, that we have built defective homes are completely unfounded and malicious.
 Every single one of our homes are built to designs created by professionals.
 Our architects and engineers are some of the best in the country and the standard of workmanship they seek is very high.
 During construction our homes are inspected at every stage by the structural warranty providers who ensure the homes they are to provide insurance cover for are of a high enough standard for them to put their name against.
 The local authority in each area we work, carry out their own inspections to ensure building standards are being maintained and the designs and plans submitted are being adhered too.
 Over and above the very high standards that we seek from our own staff, all these layers offer additional protection and peace of mind to our clients.
 The homes we create are not only of excellent quality, but also provide our customers with value for money and significant positive equity, far higher than any other house builder.

We shall be working closely with Police Scotland during their investigation, and we ask that anyone receiving letters, emails, Facebook messages in connection with ourselves, please contact us immediately so that we may pass this information on to the police as part of their ongoing investigation.

Thank you.
The Directors of InverTay Homes.